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23/02/2023 OpenCart - PHP 开源电商系统 - 成都光大网络科技

Blog, as an important text marketing tool, is one of the essential functions of e-commerce websites. The blog function has been added to the latest version of OpenCart v2.3 Chinese Professional Edition. Support blog classification, blog article management, and support multilingual, multi-store, SEO and other necessary functions.

Blog classification supports name multilingual, SEO-friendly meta title, meta keyword and meta description content, and can set whether to display blog classification on the menu. At the same time, it also supports multiple stores. Blog classification can be set to display on different stores. Blog classification can set SEO URL, and enable pseudo static to display SEO URL address.

Blog article management also supports multiple languages and can display different article names, pictures, descriptions and contents in different language environments. Each article can set SEO tags such as meta title, meta keyword, and meta description. You can select multiple categories for each blog post, that is, display the same blog post under multiple categories.

Blog posts also support custom SEO URL addresses. In addition, you can also set the automatic publishing time for blog posts. The administrator can edit the blog post first, select the date to publish in the future, and then the blog post will be automatically displayed in the blog category list page.

In addition, we can also set the default author name for the blog. Articles without an author will automatically display the default author name. The author name also supports multiple languages. Similarly, we can also modify the text displayed on the "Read Full Text" button in the blog settings (multi language). On the blog settings page, you can also choose whether to display the post thumbnail on the blog classification page, and choose two different layout methods (the thumbnail is displayed on the left side of the description, or the thumbnail is displayed above the description).

At the same time, we also developed a "Latest Blog Article" module to display the latest blog articles, and can freely modify the displayed title and the number of displayed articles. After enabling the module, you can add the latest blog post module to the layout, so that you can display the latest blog post list on different pages.

OpenCart blog feature list



Blog classification

Blog article

SEO Friendly

Menu display

Category Page Layout Style

Periodically publish articles

Default author

Sharing function

Latest blog post module

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