[Everbright Network] 7th Anniversary and OpenCart V3.8 release -(with benefits)

12/08/2021 OpenCart - 3.8 International Edition - Chengdu Guangda Network Technology

Everbright network finally ushered in the release of Opencart v3.8, nearly a year after the release of V3.7. In this year, we collected a large number of user feedback and suggestions, and then v3.8 was born. Here, Everbright network should say "thank you" to our old users and thank you for your encouragement and encouragement. Only then can we have the power to develop new versions and make our products more perfect. In the future, we will make unremitting efforts to create Opencart global one-stop e-commerce solutions and help Chinese brands go to sea.

Everbright Network has finally welcomed the release of OpenCart V3.8, almost a year after the release of V3.7.  Over the course of a year, we gathered a lot of feedback and suggestions from our users, leading to v3.8.  Here, everbright network to our old users to say "thank you", thank you for your encouragement and spur, we have the power to develop a new version, to make the product more perfect.  In the future, we will continue to work hard to create OpenCart global one-stop e-commerce solutions to help Chinese brands go overseas.  

Everbright Network since its establishment in 2014, 7 years, always follow the "create value for customers" as the core values of the enterprise, focus on technology, in-depth research on the development trend of e-commerce industry, and constantly carry out system iteration, enrich system functions, improve system performance.  At present, V3.8 has been the eighth generation version of Everbright OpenCart open source e-commerce system, each version iteration is to let e-commerce sellers can save more time, effort, worry; each version iteration is a product performance and user experience upgrade; each version iteration is to make product functions more rich and practical.  

OpenCartv3.8, the latest research and development of everbright network in user experience and system performance has done a significant improvement, the overall performance of the website increased 180%!  

OpenCart V3.8 has added some fairy features.  

Front end heavy function -- front end visual decoration  

Merchants log in to the background, open the website home page, click "Edit home page", "Edit header", "Edit footer", pop up the visual page editor, you can easily decorate the page/header/footer, what you see is what you get  

Businesses can more intuitively edit the home page module information, add slide information;  Edit site headers and footers.  

Background UI all upgrade -- the overall comely  


In this iteration, 80% of the improvements are in the back end, and skUs can be launched "as fast as a rocket" whether your site has one or tens of thousands of products.  Don't believe it?  You have a try.  

① Performance improvement, logic optimization, speed up the website open speed, reduce SQL query  

Order state machine, order state process optimization and state change, reduce sellers misoperation of order state brought unnecessary trouble  

② Add function search function in the background to facilitate merchants to search for a function and manage the background  

③ Coupon issuance, you can specify customers or groups to issue coupons, refined marketing, so that your customers can not refuse  

④ Intelligent settlement  

Add the goods to the shopping cart, submit the order, the system will automatically display the freight and discount price  

(5) The operation of commodity shelves is simplified  

These are the main features of the 3.8 update.  Most importantly, the cost of this iteration will remain the same as that of the previous version 3.7.  Extra quantity is not extra price.  

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